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Re: HOWTOs vs. manpages: SHUT UP!

no sh*t gentlemen - I fought my way through many linux howtos to find that
I had to hack the correction to make it work (like IPCHAINS). Get along
with each other, work together - newbies like me need you guys and gals.
One of the greatest things MS has going for them is the perception of a
centralized focused group. Oh yeah this opinion is worth what you paid for
it. By and large you people have been more helpful than many other user
groups that I have been involved with. Another by the way -  man pages
suck for newbies in general and yes I can sort through man pages. Thanks
for your efforts Eric!

Tim Lamberth

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, eric jackson wrote:

> On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Dug Song wrote:
> > to paraphrase theo: talk is cheap. put up, or shut up!
> > 
> > there's no guarantee that the project will integrate your work, but that's
> > the way open development works. sometimes your contributions make a
> > difference, sometimes they don't.
> > 
> Correct, But I will say that most of what people have sent to me (which is
> NOT much) has been incorporated in some way. From what i see everyone
> saying they want HOW-TO's this and that. What is the point of redundant
> data? If you havent noticed, the FAQ is pretty much how-to'ish. How to set
> up *. Most questions do not have quick simple answers, I've tried to go
> indepth. The point of the faq is to have ONE central location for OpenBSD
> users of all sorts to go for help. It's nice that linux has many HOW-TO's
> etc, but you must search, I'd like to keep the FAQ as the CENTRAL LOCATION
> for users to go for information. I would be happy to add a section for
> SPECIFIC how-to's that people send me, but somehow i have a feeling that I
> wont be recieving anything.
> 				eric jackson