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On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Theo de Raadt wrote:

> > This is the kind of document that I would have wanted. A fairly large 
> > peice that says /var is used for this and that. /usr/local/bin normally 
> > stores local binaries which only have one file but you put larger stuff 
> > like apache in /opt.
> man -k layout
> > After all that has been passed through it recomends sizes for the 
> > variuos stuff telling how to do it.
> Architecture dependent.  That's why I put sizes onto the CD cover.  I
> don't have enough cycles to do more.  Sorry, but you guys are already
> cutting into my mountain biking time, and a few minutes ago I ate this
> disgusting packaged rice pudding because I was fixing source code
> rather than experiencing quality time.

Yeah guys, come on. Theo is up in Canada and this time of year there can't
be that much mountain biking time up there to begin with. Somebody just
started a list on HOW-TOs for OpenBSD, lets take this discussion there.
Although, I agree that improving the man pages (which are already quite
good) is probably a better long term solution than HOW-TOs.

> > Maybe this is just something you learn over time, or make up your own 
> > way of.
> Perhaps it is.  I mean, Windows people are having to learn things over
> time, why should you be relying on a few enthusiasts to make a
> significant dent in that process?  Perhaps if we forced you to do it
> our way...


John Horn
City of Tucson, IT Dept.