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Theo, maybe the answer does'nt lie in doscumentation. but gene-splicing or
cloning. If you and the others could split yourselve's each into, say, two,
four, six, or even eight people living full, rich lives and commiting only 4
hours a day each to OpenBSD....... Well, you get my point. If you've got a
little extra time, add that to the next release.


Theo de Raadt wrote:

> > Exactly!  But perhaps <cringe> HOWTOs weren't the right way of referencing
> > it... what you mention below about suggested sizes is already included on
> > the CD-ROM inlay... presumably in the text files on the ftp sites too...
> > but when you jump in, and like a lot of people, don't read every single
> > section of the install docs, and you're new to disklabel (like I was at
> > the time), you're going be a bit lost... so maybe it's just a question of
> > including more detail in the install docs that people are most likely to
> > look at... of course, as someone pointed out, it is in the faq already,
> > but buried in a place where most newbies won't look...
> For the 2.5 release, I did about 150 test installs.
> I wrote almost all the text included in the CD.
> Coordinated designs for the graphics and layout between two artists who
> were doing their best to avoid disagreeing instead of getting us the
> best result.
> I built binaries for 6 architectures.
> I coordinated binary builds for the others.
> And coordinated builds of the other parts.
> And you want more text?
> Oh boy....