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Re: MySQL Startup

I think mysql really wants to be started with safe_mysqld or
the mysql.server script. The latter is provided for use
with rc and can be called with start or stop as an argument.


Thus spake Stephen Martin (stephen@sealteam.demon.co.uk):

> Hello,
> I have successfully compiled the ports-tree version of MySQL, the
> database server appears to run fine.. however.. getting the mysqld daemon
> to start-up and stay up at boot up time is something of a problem.
> >From what I can see the daemon normally runs in the background mysqld &
> but is still connected to a terminal? .  If I place the daemon in the
> /etc/rc.local
> startup file and surround it with a nohup .. &  construct it fails to
> initialise..
> Looking at its log it says..
> mysqld started on  Thu Sep 23 06:29:43 PDT 1999
> Hangup
> mysqld ended on  Thu Sep 23 06:29:47 PDT 1999
> So something has told it to hangup? The nohup?
> It will initialise if called as mysqld & from the /etc/rc.local ... but
> everything
> else following that call is not executed..
> Has anyone else encountered this problem and managed to solve it?
> At present I start the mysqld up as the last daemon in /etc/rc.local
> but I am not happy with this situation.
> Regards Stephen