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Exactly!  But perhaps <cringe> HOWTOs weren't the right way of referencing
it... what you mention below about suggested sizes is already included on
the CD-ROM inlay... presumably in the text files on the ftp sites too...
but when you jump in, and like a lot of people, don't read every single
section of the install docs, and you're new to disklabel (like I was at
the time), you're going be a bit lost... so maybe it's just a question of
including more detail in the install docs that people are most likely to
look at... of course, as someone pointed out, it is in the faq already,
but buried in a place where most newbies won't look...


On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Jan Johansson wrote:

>This is the kind of document that I would have wanted. A fairly large 
>peice that says /var is used for this and that. /usr/local/bin normally 
>stores local binaries which only have one file but you put larger stuff 
>like apache in /opt.
>After all that has been passed through it recomends sizes for the 
>variuos stuff telling how to do it.
>Maybe this is just something you learn over time, or make up your own 
>way of.