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> This is the kind of document that I would have wanted. A fairly large 
> peice that says /var is used for this and that. /usr/local/bin normally 
> stores local binaries which only have one file but you put larger stuff 
> like apache in /opt.

man -k layout

> After all that has been passed through it recomends sizes for the 
> variuos stuff telling how to do it.

Architecture dependent.  That's why I put sizes onto the CD cover.  I
don't have enough cycles to do more.  Sorry, but you guys are already
cutting into my mountain biking time, and a few minutes ago I ate this
disgusting packaged rice pudding because I was fixing source code
rather than experiencing quality time.

> Maybe this is just something you learn over time, or make up your own 
> way of.

Perhaps it is.  I mean, Windows people are having to learn things over
time, why should you be relying on a few enthusiasts to make a
significant dent in that process?  Perhaps if we forced you to do it
our way...