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Couldn't there be a better fdisk'er and disklabel'er?  Not to rip on
things, but those ones actually really suck.  Example:  One time I typed a
number wrong and got overlapping partitions and corrupted my Linux
partition beyond repair.  Then imagine someone installing for the first
time...90% of the populus doesn't even know what a sector is...  When I
tell someone who wants to run a server to use openbsd, I usually end up
saying something to the effect of "OpenBSD is great and a piece of cake to
install, if you can do the partitioning."

If the current one is made this way for a functional reason, it could be
left, but an easier one is much needed for the boot-floppy installer.

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Niall Brady wrote:

> Sorry to whoever sent the previous reply... deleted the message by
> accident... but anyway, it was with regard to HOWTO-like documentation for
> installations and stuff... you said that you (when using disklabel etc.)
> could just key in 30M etc for the size of the slices... my point was that
> it *appeared* necessary to input the sizes in terms of sectors etc.,
> especially for the dual-install I was doing at the time... perhaps that's
> the sort of thing that could be pointed out in the HOWTOs, as it isn't
> clear when you're faced with the program...
> Niall