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RE: Another list? (was Linux vs. NT Security contest)

Perhaps a new Man tree could be created with tutorials therein.  Something
like man.t, with initial_installation.t and porting.t, which provide
walkthrough examples, etc.  It would keep the structure cleaner, keep
people focused on man pages, apropos would become even more useful, and
you would have a place to go for howto info in a more unixy way.


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> I think that most Linux users would agree that HOWTOs are the most
> useful docs for that OS.

No wonder, because GNU/Linux manpages tend to be outdated or
otherwise useless (without examples etc), as compared to OpenBSD

I agree, that HOWTO-like documents are very useful, but having
good manpages is a must. I find myself frequently looking up
forgotten and/or platform-specific details, etc. HOWTO documents
do not replace manpages.