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I've created a list for HOWTO people.

I've created a list for people interested in writing HOWTOs.  It's not
a list for people who want to ask someone else to write them a HOWTO.

This list is quick and dirty -- no digests and no archives.  If any
official OpenBSD list is ever created to cover the same ground, I'll
close mine.  If the new list turns out to be lame, I'll close it.

I don't think the topic of HOWTOs is relevant here on
misc@openbsd.org, so I won't mention this again in this forum.

To subscribe to the new list, send mail to:


The robot will send you a message;  responsd to it, and you'll be

The list is an ezmlm list running on Linux (sorry, but that's what I
had up and running).