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Re: No joy with PPP or SLIP between 2 modems

Set up a terminal on the server's com port, create an account called ppp
that starts pppd for the shell.  On the client system, create a chat
script that sends enter, then logs in.  Use the noauth option on both
machines. I am not sure if this is the _best_ way, but it worked for me to
get to the net from an old 386 laptop over a null modem cable, which is
what your computers will think that is.

ALSO:  You may have to short some pins if your modems only support RX and
TX (receive and transmit), which I think you meant by 2-wire?  OpenBSD
needs support for the CTS signal.  Short pins 6 and 4 on each modem if you
have a 9-pin connector...I don't remember what to short on the 25-pin

On Wed, 22 Sep -1 auto15764@hushmail.com wrote:

> Hi,
> I have two RAD SRM 31A's (Asynchronous 2-wire Short Range Modem), and i need to have a PPP/SLIP connection between the two. One host is a OpenBSD 2.5 box, and the second will be a WebRamp (a consumer dial on demand box), but I am currently testing with a Win95 box. 
> The problem is that I cannot get them to open a PPP/SLIP connection. I know 
> the problem is not (I hope) with the modems. By opening a terminal on both,
>  i can relay text. So there is a connection there. So dispite following 
> many FAQ's, How To's and usenet posts, I have had no sucess.
> What I need to know is if there is anything different or of note when using 
> these modems that I should be aware of? There is no dial tone, no AT commands.
> Also, I am sure some of you may know many good ways of doing this, any help. tips. pointers would be appreciated.
> Thanks.
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