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Re: Another list? (was Linux vs. NT Security contest)

> I got quite discouraged with man pages and seldom
> looked at them again for a very long time.

Well you should start again.

> If we had an indexed 
> repository of HOW-TO's, or the like, it would be very helpful.

It's called

	man -k whatever

I don't see you writing HOW-TO's.

In fact, I don't see any of the people asking for HOW-TO's writing

Most of the FAQ is written by 3 guys.  It's not written by you guys
who keep asking for HOW-TO documents.

So why do you people keep asking if you're not doing the work?

You think we're going to write them?

I think the hint by now should be pretty obvious.  We've decided that
_if_ we are going spend effort writing anything, it will be man pages,
not HOW-TO's.

So there's three ways you guys can go with this information.

Either help us with the man pages, or write your own HOW-TO's, or just
stop making requests for us to do what you want us to do for you..