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Re: vi vs emacs vs pico

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Leif Pedersen wrote:

> Why do we use vi?  It's impossible to figure out (at least I can't...and
> I have tried) and pico seems so easy to use...  I don't want to start a
> debate, but I just have to wonder what the craze is over vi and emacs.
> Pico is the second thing I install after bash, and pine seems to be quite
> nice too.  Emacs is so big...I don't see the benefit...?

Use editor of your choice, you don't have to use vi. But UNIX
system w/o vi makes laugh everybody. It's standard editor and
actually quite powerful.

There have been many flamewars on editors, read etc/JOKES that
comes with emacs and think about it :)

You may also want to read some vi tutorials, but unfortunately
don't have good pointers ..