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Re: Linux vs. NT Security contest

On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, Victor Richardson wrote:

> I think you've got a great idea from a newbie perspective, being one myself.
> In fact, I'd like to help, although my coding knowledge is zero, but I'm a
> writer by trade. So, I offer up my time and experience in the one area I
> think I can be helpful if some of you gurus don't mind outlining the
> technical aspects and giving quick read throughs. Or if any of you have rough
> drafts with typos, just send them my way or we can create a directory
> containing files that need cleaning up. Alex's idea on how to approach
> security from a procedural approach would be helpful for the inexperienced(I
> know there are endless books on the subject, but newbies can't tell which are
> relevent or current). I'll try to keep a complete list of all the things that
> I needed to learn will settong up my first secure network as a newbie, there
> may be a few basic steps that the knowledgeable take for granted. Anyway, let
> me know if there is a way I can help.
> Victor

Writer by trade? Cool!

There's lots to be written about OpenBSD and security in general. We're
not been very good at getting *technical* magazine articles published
about the OpenBSD approach to security and the things the industry should
learn. There's also a big cleanup of the www pages overdue.

I would welcome your help in promoting OpenBSD.

 --Louis  <louis@bertrandtech.on.ca> 

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