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Re: java applet port in ipf

Loading the applet is the first, but often the only step.  In some cases,
though, an applet may try to make a new network connection to pull data
from a server.

If you are trying to protect the client, then your ipf rules should allow
the inside to establish connections to the outside.  If you are protecting
the server with a firewall, then it should be possible to know which port
the applet will try to reach. 

Chris -)-----

> >>>>> On Wed, 22 Sep 1999 16:57:07 +0800 (SGT),
>     Cindy <cindy@willowglen.com.my> said:
> Cindy> Can someone tell me which port I should open in /etc/ipf.rules
> Cindy> in order to pass Java Applet.
> There is no particular prot for Java applets.  Applets are retrieved
> by the applet viewer by grabbing the specified URL.  In general, it's
> HTTP, and in general, it's port 80, but there's no reason that either
> of those parameters couldn't be changed.
> The only way to know for sure is to read the HTML source of the page
> with the applet and look at the location of the applet.
> In any event, I suspect that you've got a problem that won't be solved 
> by opening a port.

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