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Re: Another list? (was Linux vs. NT Security contest)

> people have volunteered to work on documentation on this list before but
> i've never seen any indication that we've been successful in harnessing
> the effort of these people.  it's a rare occurance to see a follow-up on
> such a post to this group.

This is completely true.  The same happens with mail I receive for
donated hardware.  <scold>But that's OK guys, we'll keep plugging on,
even if you don't...</scold>

Really, we've gotten most of the big bugs out of the system.  And most
of us have exhausted the lists of bugs we've known about since we
started Unix.  These days, we need to know what you guys run into.

> perhaps another mailing list (docs@openbsd.org ?) should be started to
> discuss man pages, the faq, and other forms of documentation for openbsd.
> it seems that there is enough interest from people on this list to
> contribute to the documentation effort (i wouldn't mind contributing,
> either) that there should be some forum for coordinating the work.

I'm not sure if a new mailing list will help.  What... more talk?  A
few months back I told the mailing list that Aaron and I were doing a
sort of man page audit, looking for more things to document.  Complete
and utter silence.  Now it's happening again, and we've received one
report of something that needs improving.

People don't actually want better documentation, that's what I think.