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Re: Man pages ksh.

ksh command line editing:

# export EDITOR=/usr/bin/vi  <-- Can also be Emacs, but I dont use it
# <Command goes here>
# <Hit ESC minus>
# Now use the vi keys (h,j,k,l) to repeat a command or move around

Also, I think I have a ksh for dummies text around here somewhere... If I
find it Ill email it to you.

George Dodd

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Majestic One wrote:

> Hello!
> How would I begin writing man pages?
> Some time ago Theo de Raadt made a comment about ksh being superior to 
> bash. Beeing a bash man i tried ksh out but have yet to discover the 
> command line editing.
> So half of my question is how do I get command line editing in ksh?
> And the other half is how would I write a man page/man page update or 
> should I simply write a .txt "KSH for the stupid"?
> /Mj1