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Adding to manpages

> > I'd be very surprised if there aren't quite a few people reading this
> > who have compromised their OpenBSD boxes without even realizing it.
> > How does that happen?  How do people who don't do that approach
> > installing software and admining their boxes?  What's the difference
> > betewen them and me?
> I for one, would like to see manual pages improved so that these
> things more obvious to newbies.  Security considerations for packages
> should be listed at the top or bottom of relevant man pages.
> I think it would be really cool if people out there started sending us
> suggestions for relevant notes we should be adding to the man pages
> for various daemons.

Ok, so it's not a daemon, but I'd like the "slattach" manpage to reflect the 
fact that it will attach to the first available slX-interface that's up.

I've configured a slip-line between two of my openbsd boxes, and I did find 
all relevant manpages for slip, slattach and the serial interfaces, and I did 
figure out that I needed to ifconfig an interface, I needed to set which 
serial interface/device to use, and what speed it should have, but the 
slattach manpage doesn't say which device it will use. Maybe some addition to
the examples section saying:

  ifconfig sl0 link0 link2 up
  slattach -s 38400 /dev/whatever

(Yes, I know, use ppp - it's good for you blabla, but those manpages are huge, 
and I needed only what slip gave me. A short fast working solution to 
nullmodemcable network that I can remember by heart for both sides.)

"Surfa inte på internet - Var en del av vågen." -Lars Aronsson Aug-94.