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Re: Man pages ksh.

Subject: Man pages ksh. Date: Wed, Sep 22, 1999 at 09:29:53AM +0200 Quoting Majestic One (mirror.world@usa.net):
> Hello!
> How would I begin writing man pages?
> Some time ago Theo de Raadt made a comment about ksh being superior to 
> bash. Beeing a bash man i tried ksh out but have yet to discover the 
> command line editing.

You FSF Sissy! :-)
> So half of my question is how do I get command line editing in ksh?

set -o emacs in .profile or invoke ksh as 'ksh -o emacs' (won't work in
/etc/passwd so is most usable for manual invocations when given abomina-
tions like csh as shell.)

Then, you can run the command line as in Emacs, with Ctrl-{a|e|k|f|b|p|n}:

a	Home

e	End
k	Kill from cursor to End

b	Left one char

f	Right one char

p	Previous (in history)

n	Next (in history)

These are the ones present in my memory right now. There might be more. 

I have modified some bindings on AIX and Solaris to mimic Bash:

set -o emacs
alias __A=`echo "\020"`         # pil upp = ^p = föregående i historia
alias __B=`echo "\016"`         # pil ner = ^n = nästa i historia     
alias __C=`echo "\006"`         # pil höger = ^f = ett tecken framåt på raden
alias __D=`echo "\002"`         # pil vänster = ^b = ett tecken bakåt på raden
alias __H=`echo "\001"`         # home = ^a = början på raden      

(sorry for the swedish) 

Anyway, this enables (on those machines, and also in ssh to them) arrow keys
and Home as they would be expected to work. IIRC the console termcap (pcvt?)
doing this automatically. I am only able to try that in an xterm now, lesseee..
Yep! arrow keys work in ksh on 2.5 release, providing you have the emacs op-
tion set. 

Search on "Emacs interactive input line editing" in the manpage for ksh. 

> And the other half is how would I write a man page/man page update or 
> should I simply write a .txt "KSH for the stupid"?

It is in the man page. 

Måns Nilsson 					MN1334-RIPE	
www.df.lth.se/~mansaxel for details		GSM 070 8344045

Can I have an IMPULSE ITEM instead?