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Re: HOWTOs [was Re: Linux vs. NT Security contest]

>stupid questions, and point out my mistakes.  Even something simple
>like a HOWTO on laying out filesystems and dealing with disk
>partitions would probably be helpful for newbies.

Absolutely... when I was doing my first install of OpenBSD, it was a bit
daunting going from a world of megabytes, to taking out the calculator to
work out how many sectors were needed for each partition :)

More description needs to be done about what you're doing when using
fdisk, and then what happens (and why you're doing it) when using
disklabel etc... as in first of all you're saying where OpenBSD goes
overall, then you're defining where the different parts of OpenBSD
live (I've probably got the wrong handle on that altogether)... this is
more relevant for dual installs though I guess, than for if you're using
the whole disk... ie preparing people to calculate from offsets and so