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Here are the rules that I am using to get active ftp working.

OS:	Solaris 2.6, on a Sparc 5
IPFILTER:	v.3.2.11beta
Interface:	le0 connected to Internet (DSL connection)
            le1 connected to internal network (


# Allow ftp-data connection from any network

pass in log quick on le0 from any port = 20 to


pass out log quick on le0 proto tcp from hurricane/32 to any port
= 21 flags S/SA keep state

pass out log quick on le0 proto tcp from to any
port = 21 flags S/SA keep state


map le0 -> 0/32 proxy port ftp ftp/tcp
map le0 -> 0/32 portmap tcp/udp 10000:30000
map le0 -> 0/32

Hope this helps.  I posted all the rules that I am using to
ipfilter's mailing list earlier today.  I can forward them to
individual users if you would like to take a look at it.  If I
get a lot of request, I will post the rules to misc@openbsd.org.

I think the key to active ftp is the inbound rule that allows
connection to network for ftp-data connection.
If I remove that rule active ftp stops working for me.

Use the rules at your own risk.  I am not sure if what I am doing
is secure, I think it is secure, but not 100% sure.  If folks on
the list think that the rules are insecure please let me know and
why you think the rules are insecure.  I am still learning how to
use ipfilter properly.

- Deepak

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> So how would we do active FTP through an OpenBSD
> firewall?  I have several
> computers with fake IP addresses behind a firewall
> that currently runs
> [slackware] linux.  I want to switch it over to
> OpenBSD, and this is the
> only thing that's holding me back.