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Guilty party

Having just read the brilliant article attached and being the person who

erroneously cross posted the Linux/NT challenge I would like to
for all the time wasted in this(the wrong forum) list debating the
contest. Even worse, I actually pondered whether this was the right list

before doing so, and then went ahead. As someone who sent me an email
earlier today said "shame on me", I may be a newbie but the fact that I
hesitated means that I knew better. As Dug Song has aptly pointed out
this article, this list is powerful because it is purely technical. As a

newbie I have learned more about OpenBSD(and computing in general) in
last month while watching from the sideline, than I had in my previous
years of computing. I am constantly looking up terms and processes  I've

have never heard of  that the rest of you casually throw around in
discussion. I think most of us(end users) have become lazy from
convenience, ease of use has removed the desire to learn about this tool

we spend our entire day using. With OpenBSD it's education the old
way . Read the Manual. THINK. Analyze the problem and develop an answer
for yourself because you want to. Things society has forgotten to do.
when Theo seemed to bite Joe Nall's head off earlier, Joe later
acknowledged that the solution was in the FAQ. So it seems the slap was
more more of a wake up call ala "Do your Homework". (No ass kissing

Anyway, that's my Mea Culpa