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> RealAudio uses 'pnm' (Real's own protocol) and 'rtsp' (Real Time Streaming
> Protocol)
> Quicktimes uses 'rtsp' (I made some small patches to get the Quick Time
> Streaming Media server working on OpenBSD, if someone wants to give it a
> try...)

cool!  i'd like to see that...

> Both pnm and rtsp work through NAT, they are very simple in the sense that
> they open a TCP connection, suck down their data using pnm or rtsp over that
> connection to negotiate, and then close the connection!!! No crap like FTP
> where it opens a new connection from the server, etc...

is there a trick to getting these streaming protocols to work?  because i
havn't been able to get it to work when being NATed...