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On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, tb wrote:

 | most streaming software that i know of doesn't work with NAT.  this includes
 | realaudio and quicktime.  ftp works if you only use passive mode.
 | as for the others i'm not sure...  someone else must know...

RealAudio uses 'pnm' (Real's own protocol) and 'rtsp' (Real Time Streaming
Quicktimes uses 'rtsp' (I made some small patches to get the Quick Time
Streaming Media server working on OpenBSD, if someone wants to give it a

Both pnm and rtsp work through NAT, they are very simple in the sense that
they open a TCP connection, suck down their data using pnm or rtsp over that
connection to negotiate, and then close the connection!!! No crap like FTP
where it opens a new connection from the server, etc...

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