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> most streaming software that i know of doesn't work
> with NAT.  this includes
> realaudio and quicktime.  ftp works if you only use
> passive mode.
> as for the others i'm not sure...  someone else must know...

New version of ipfilter v.3.3.1 (I think) has real audio proxy
built in.  Also, I have been able to get active ftp working with
3.2.11 beta software on a solaris 2.6 system.

Tested from a NT system with netscape, explorer 4, norton
antivirus live update and nt ftp client.

Sorry, for posting message about solaris on the misc board, but I
figured it was relevant to ipfilter in openbsd, which is based on
3.2.9, but have seen patches floating around for compile the
latest version.

- Deepak