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Re: Linux vs. NT Security contest

>>> So with all the people here, do we want to talk about how bad MS
>>> sucks?  Or do we want to talk about how to think about security in a
>>> proactive way?
>>	http://www.monkey.org/openbsd/advocating-openbsd.html
>I respectfully take exception to some of the comments you've made on the
>URI referenced.  Bill Gates *is* an evil man whose objective is to control
>your desktop by eliminating any competition.
> [ Diss microsoft in appropriate context ] 

  You miss the entire point Ken. So what if Bill is Satan? Most people
in charge of OS projects inheritly want to take over the world. So
What?  The point Dug is making is that it *Does not make for a
productive advocacy discussion* and does not lead to progress. Even
if appropriate in context, all you'll succeed in doing is immediately
having half your listeners tune you out as the lunatic fringe. 

  Insofar as refuting the latest round of "hacker challenge"
chestbeating and cockpulling, you should be making the point that
these things are *always* contrived, rather than worrying about "Bill
is going to cheat". For Bog's sake, I can rig a SunOS 4.1 box that you
can't break into - doesn't mean that I think you should be running it
anywhere.  The fact that [Microsoft|Red Hat|Whoever] will rig the test
for their favorite should be obvious to the clued, and has nothing to
do with anyone being evil - Anyone who runs such a thing is doing it
for the marketing hype and no more. I woe the day that OpenBSD
participates in any such sort of an unscientific exercise. Attack it
by educating people about it's complete lack of scientific value and
not on the ethics of the participants. 

  (Man, I seem to be delivering that rant to a lot of people lately).