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Re: Linux vs. NT Security contest

> I respectfully take exception to some of the comments you've made on the
> URI referenced.  Bill Gates *is* an evil man whose objective is to control
> your desktop by eliminating any competition.

But what you are saying is totally irrelevant to the forum you are
discussing it in.  Please take it elsewhere.

Around here we try to talk about positive OpenBSD things, and we try to
DO THINGS to make it better.

Choosing an enemy and foaming at the mouth doesn't help anything.

> This is not to say that the above provides license to run around being
> obnoxious and looking to pick fights.  But there is certainly no crime in
> making anti-M$ comments when it's relevant to the thread, as has been the
> case in this instance.

But this isn't your place to foam.  Please go do it elsewhere.

> And although OpenBSD is obviously neither NT nor Linux, the NT vs.
> Linux thread *is* relevant in this forum from the perspective of OpenBSD's
> interest and commitment to security.

Actually, the thread is uninteresting for a very simple reason:

    it isn't going to change the way our programmers approach things.

And if you want to tell others that they should be doing things
differently, then this isn't the place to reach them.