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RE: Linux vs. NT Security contest

You're right, of course.  I was just gleefully remembering past
discussions... additionally, I'm particularly frustrated with software
development practice in the industry, having managed many projects myself
and having been part of many a project... this industry is in crisis.
Much of my potshots at NT are not "I hate Microsoft" as much as "See the
results of poor project management and Quality Assurance."  While I agree
this is politicking in a sense, I will admit that I use windows for games,
and NT for some productivity, so I am not outrageous.

One of the things I think we CAN congradulate the OpenBSD team and
contributors for is a fierce adherence to principles of pre-emptive
debugging.  That is rare in this industry where market share is key and
quality can be provided in service packs on the customer's back.  I guess
being a consultant has really reshaped my thinking from my days in product
development.  QA is king, in my books, and OpenBSD has got it.

But I would never fault someone for running other O/S's, as there are
advantages to each os.  In the case of windows, it's often application
availability, and that's a compelling arguement.  I run a heterogenous
system at home, but the goal here is to work on the strategic weaknesses
of OpenBSD so we can all "have our cake and eat it too."  I retract my
last post on this thread as a pure pot-shot, but at the time I found it
funny, not because I hated microsoft, but because I was genuinely stunned
that such QA ignorance (by which I mean to ignore) could be so pervasive
inside one organization.  And this came from inside sources, so I'm not
just wildly ascribing motives here.

Most of the reason I'm in the BSD crowd is the software development
process which I believe makes for a stronger technology, and will in the
end, survive the complexity curve which will sink many other approaches.

So while I do believe we have a superior product in OpenBSD, I probably
should be more diplomatic.


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I'm new here, so I hope this isn't out of line.

I think this NT bashing is a big mistake.  We all like OpenBSD, we
know it's better.  All we're doing is patting ourselves on the back.