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Re: Linux vs. NT Security contest

> But security, even with a good base like the one we've got with
> OpenBSD, is hard.  Solaris isn't very secure, but when a friend went
> looking for holes on a solaris box I was running, it turned out the
> most of the big ones he found were of my own making.  In other words,
> my ignorance is a bigger danger than sun's inattention to security.
> I'd be very surprised if there aren't quite a few people reading this
> who have compromised their OpenBSD boxes without even realizing it.
> How does that happen?  How do people who don't do that approach
> installing software and admining their boxes?  What's the difference
> betewen them and me?

I for one, would like to see manual pages improved so that these
things more obvious to newbies.  Security considerations for packages
should be listed at the top or bottom of relevant man pages.

Some developers in our group have been doing so recently for programmer
type manuals, like mktemp(3), strcpy(3), sprintf(3), fgets(3) and such.

I think it would be really cool if people out there started sending us
suggestions for relevant notes we should be adding to the man pages
for various daemons.