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Has anybody had any problems running exmh under OpenBSD2.5?

I am migrating from linux and trying to get my mail working. I was having 
problems with my presorting, and in the process of trying to sort it out tried 
to change my preferences. On saving the prefs, I get a core dump. I also get 
one if I try to read the exmh faq by choosing the menu item from exmh.

If anyone has any ideas I would be extremely greatful, as this is stopping me 
moving from linux.

Tech details:

OpenBSD2.5 with generic kernel
exmh 2.0.2 from ports collection
tk 8.0.5 from ports
tcl 8.0.5 from ports
nmh-1.0 from ports

The core dump is from wish 8.0. 


E-Mail: andy@dragonfly.demon.co.uk
PGP Key available on request
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