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Re: Linux vs. NT Security contest

At 08:56 PM 9/20/99 -0700, Victor Richardson wrote:
>  ZDnet has an open web security challenge pitting Lunux/Apache vs. NT/IIs,
>first to crack, corrupt, steal from either/or both wins $1,000. Wouldn't it
>be nice if they added OpenBSD running Apache to this contest? Then again, I
>guess they want it to be fair. 
> &&&&StoryTitle=Linux 

I'm sure it's rigged...  Another one of those out of the box Linux vs.
custom MS Engineer tweaked NT/IIS gigs.  Of course anyone who knows jack
will see right through this.  Unfortunately we are not the target audience.
 The real objective is to FUD those who don't know better.  For example, I
lost a big web dev contract because of that mindcraft sham when my efforts
to sell an Apache/PHP3 development platform were thwarted by competing
Micro-serfs who utilized this article as ammo to discredit both me and my

Interestingly enough, the US Army got tired of being cracked and recently
ditched NT in favor of... drumroll... a Mac.  Guess they never heard about

Ciao-- Ken

Failure is not an option- it comes bundled with your Microsoft product.