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Re: Installing 2.5 on w/ Qlogic SCSI controller

What I have done is ftp the bsd.rd image from the 2.5 or snapshots
directory and put it into the root directory of the hard drive.

Then when the boot loader comes up I manually give it the kernel name and 
vola! It's just like I booted off the CD for an install, and can choose 
Upgrade or Install or whatever.  If you have ftp access to the snapshots
you are set.

boot> boot hd0a:/bsd.rd

I don't recall right off if trying to load a 2.5 kernel with a 2.4
bootloader works for every condition, but I've done it lots of times
to see if a late snapshot will recognize some hardware the CD didn't.

If it doesn't work, and locks up the machine while loading, a simple
reboot puts you back in business.

Good Luck,

J.D. Carlson, Network Manager, Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Ctr.


On Mon, 20 Sep 1999, Jonathan Rozes wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a box running 2.4. I'd like to do a fresh install of 2.5, but I
> can't because the install floppy kernel doesn't have the isp driver. My
> box has a single qla1040 and a single seagate cheetah, no ide stuff.
> Surely I'm being dense and just can't think of some obvious way to get
> 2.5 onto my system without a working boot floppy?
> If the answer is that I need to somehow create a custom 2.5 installer,
> can I do it from my 2.4 system or do I need to start offering bribes on
> this list?
> Thanks!
> jonathan
> +++ Jonathan Rozes, System Administrator, Will Vinton Studios