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Re: need help with Linksys 16 (ISA 10 Mbps)

Thanks to everyone who responded.  I got the Linksys EEPROM config disk from 
the friend that I got the card from and configured it as intructed in the 
INSTALL.i386 file on the FTP site.  It has to have one of two combinations 
of base I/O address and IRQ.  OpenBSD now recognizes it with no trouble as 
ne0.  So in fact the card is NE2000 compatible and works just fine.  I'm now 
going to get another network adapter and configure the box for IPNAT so 
you'll probably be seeing more posts from me to the list along the lines of, 
"How do I get IPNAT to work?"  I'll start with the docs and FAQs and see 
where I get.


> > > Hmm.  I use the Linksys 10/100 with no problem, and it reports as ne3
> > > (with the old kernels) or ne0 (with the new.)  In fact I bought the
> > > linksys because I knew it worked with OpenBSD.
> >
> > Aren't the Linksys 10/100 cards pci and based on a clone of the DEC
> > Tulip chip?
>They are not clones.
>A clone acts the same.  These various chips you call Tulip clones,
>have numerous major differences.

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