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Re: Installing 2.5 on w/ Qlogic SCSI controller

> I have a box running 2.4. I'd like to do a fresh install of 2.5, but I
> can't because the install floppy kernel doesn't have the isp driver. My
> box has a single qla1040 and a single seagate cheetah, no ide stuff.
> Surely I'm being dense and just can't think of some obvious way to get
> 2.5 onto my system without a working boot floppy?
> If the answer is that I need to somehow create a custom 2.5 installer,
> can I do it from my 2.4 system or do I need to start offering bribes on
> this list?

You're right, there isn't a 2.5 boot floppy with the isp driver on it.
It's quite difficult to fit, the problem being that the isp driver has
a really large microcode chunk.

However, this problem will be solved in 2.6, and is already solved in
the new snapshots.  You could use that right now to solve your

Get the snapshots/i386/floppy25B.fs floppy.  It has the isp driver on
it.  Then use that to install either the 2.5 or the -current stuff.

Good luck.  Let me know how it goes.