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Re: need help with Linksys 16 (ISA 10 Mbps)

My experience has been that oBSD really doesn't like ne2000 cards, & other
people seem to have shared this experience.  The most expedient solution
would probably be just to get another ethernet card (especially
considering that ISA models can be had pretty cheaply).  


On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Chris Campbell wrote:

> Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 22:26:30 PDT
> From: Chris Campbell <ijkdc@hotmail.com>
> To: misc@openbsd.org
> Subject: need help with Linksys 16 (ISA 10 Mbps)
> I have a linksys 16 card that as far as I know is Ne2000 compatible, but 
> isn't recognized by OpenBSD.  I couldn't get it to find the card with the 
> boot disk for net install so I put in my 3Com 905B from my other box and 
> that worked fine.  I did the net install, but it still doesn't seem to 
> notice the card.  I'm sorry that I'm not able to attach dmesg to this, but 
> I'm going to try to get that done in a later message.  For now, does anyone 
> have any ideas on what to try?  My main system is Linux so I'm in unfamiliar 
> territory with this.  Thanks in advance.
> Chris
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