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Re: SCSI strangeness

	I've a similar problem :

Check that the IRQ used by your SCSI board is correct (the same that kernel
driver uses) and it's not been taken by some Plug-and-Pray board (look at boot

On Mon, 20 Sep 1999, William Osmond wrote:

> Before I get into exactly whats happening, lemme give you all a rundown on
> my setup:
>   DTC 3510A scsi adapter
>   teac r55s cd-r
>   obsd 2.5 (generic kernel)
> When I boot up, everything is detected and assigned devices ok (It sees the
> burner, spits back the vendor and model information, assigns it to cd0,
> etc.), but whenever I try to use the drive, whatever software I use to do
> so (tosha, scsi, cdio, etc.) hangs, goes into a 'D' state (as indicated by
> ps) and can only be terminated by rebooting the machine (kill -9 doesn't,
> killing its parent shell doesn't even work).  Does anyone know what's
> causing this, and more importantly, how to fix it? 

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