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Re: [Re: 'Network unreachable' on approx 50% of all hosts(Internet).]

No I'm not able to ping the locations ('Network unreachable'). I'm in Sweden.
First off it doesn't matter .se .dk .fi same problem. Also I have no
difficulties connecting to these hosts in Linux (Same machine, same ISP). So I
think we can exclude 'nothing to do with OpenBSD'.
It's a very puzzling and deceving problem for sure, but I think the problem
maybe inherit in my ppp.conf, rather. But I find it very hard locating this

Regards, Agneta.

Michael Bacon <baconm@ntrnet.net> wrote:
Can you ping these locations?  Also, where are you connecting from?
(geographically)  There's been a lot of internet wonkiness this week due to
Hurricane Floyd, and it strikes me that altavista, freebsd, and yahoo are
all on the west coast (which were unreachable to me earlier this week).  My
guess is it has absolutely nothing to do with OpenBSD, and everything to do
with multiple links from the east coast to Chicago being hosed.

Agneta Berglund wrote:

> Definition of problem:
> Let's say I lynx to http://www.openbsd.org/, or http://www.idg.com/
> works fine no problem. On the other hand let's say that I try to lynx to
> http://www.altavista.com/ - 'Network Unreachable',
> http://www.freebsd.org/, http://www.yahoo.com/ etc etc. same output. Now
> this is for me very deceiving.
> I should note that there's is nothing wrong with the ISP.
> Using:
> I'm using PPP - Dialup and are being assigned a dynamic IP..
> I would be very pleased to have an answer to this question, as you may
> imagine it is _VERY_ annoying.
> Thanks, Agneta Berglund.

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