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Re: 486 vs. 586

If you go with the Pentium box, you should probably throw in some 
additional memory...

At 11:15 PM 09/16/1999 -0500, Igor N. Green wrote:
> I guess you'd better pick up the pentium 133 because ip filtering and
>ipnatting do not take a lot of disk space.. in fact they do not use it at
>> I'm about to setup an OBSD machine which I will use as a
>> router/firewall/NAT machine that will do ipnat for about 70 machines plus
>> ip filtering. I have two old PCs and I'm trying to decide which one is the
>> better choice. The first one is an old 486-66 MHz machine which has 64 MB
>> of RAM with a SCSI2 controller while the second one is a Pentium 133
>> machine with 16 MB of RAM with an EIDE controller. Which machine should I
>> use for the purpose? Should I go for the faster Pentium 133 machine or the
>> 486 which has a SCSI controller? When doing ipnat and ipf, what factors
>> must be considered in as far as the PC is concerned? Is it the speed of
>> the CPU or the I/O speed of the disks?
>Igor N. Green