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Dear all,

I have just installed OpenBSD 2.5 which I down loaded from on of the
listed ftp servers and installed with a problem.

However there are serval questions which I now have.

When I issue a Reboot or Shutdown -r +1 command the machine doesn't
actually reboot. Looking at the console I see that it has finished a
sync disk.. and that is as far as I goes. 

Looking at the man page for Reboot it tells me of a file called
rc.shutdown. But I can not find this file anywhere in the /etc

Am I missing something obvious here?

Also I must point out that I am very new to BSD and the like, but so far
I love it. I have two more hopefully easy questions for you.

First, when the OpenBSD box finishes booting and a login prompt appears
on the console, is there away to clear the screen of all the boot

Secondly, is there are good resource on the next of howto write bash and
csh etc scripts?

Many thanks in advance

Warren J. Beckett