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Re: cvs woes

 > I think my ports tree is originally off the 2.5 CD. I've since
 > updated it over the net using cvs. The "ignoring CVS Root because
 > is specifies a non-existent repository /cvs" message is more of a
 > warning actually, at least it is not a fatal error. After complaining,
 > cvs continues by using CVSROOT.

Glad to know that.  I didn't think it was a warning.   Perhaps it
wasn't in an earlier version of CVS.

 > The question is, how do I get rid of the message? Or rather, how
 > do I update CVS/Root to the currently used CVSROOT? Should I remove
 > all CVS/Root files? And where can I get a brain infusion that
 > teaches me CVS? The manual looks daunting.

find . -name Root -print0 | xargs -0 rm

That should do the trick :-)

Or I suppose you could use a sed/perl/awk script that updates the file.
Shouldn't be too hard to write.   But why bother?   I often update from
different servers.   The clean and easy way to do that is to use
the -d option to cvs.  My "update" script looks something like


	cvs -q -d $srchost up -PAd

Guess which host I updated from last :-)

If you always use the same host make it a shell alias instead of a script.

// marc