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PCMCIA On install

I've looked throughout the website, checked the archives, read through
Dejanews and still could not find a solution.

I have a Thinkpad 600 using a 3Com Megahertz PCMCIA 10/100 card. Using the
bootdisk it appears that the PCMCIA slots are recognized but upon reaching
the network section my card cannot be found.

I have tried to follow the instructions in the install.386 but they appear
flawed. If I am supposed to take literally the instruction to "Change
pcicmaster0" then that device does not exist. I've tried the all other
variations as well {pcic0, pcic1}. I have been working on this now for two
days and I am ready to give up and install another OS such as FreeBSD

I want to try and give OpenBSD a chance but if this continues I'll be to
grey to care.

Please respond off list as I am not a member, *yet*.