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Re: oBSD ftpd query

Oh; excellent. I was using the version that came with 2.4.


On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Todd C. Miller wrote:

> In message <Pine.BSO.4.10.9909161749300.16248-100000@bearclaw.bogus.net>
> 	so spake Tor Houghton (torh):
> > First of all, to get "ls" to work, I need a static binary of ls in
> > ~ftp/bin.
> > 
> > All well and good; but what about all my chroot()'ed users? Do I have to
> > create root-owned ~user/bin directories and stick static ls binaries in
> > there too?
> The ftpd in the current source tree has a builtin ls.  You can grab
> the latest ls and ftpd sources via anoncvs (or ftp) and rebuild ftpd.
>  - todd