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Re: PPP Server, maybe cyclades problems

On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Brian Somers wrote:

> You may also want to allocate IP numbers to your clients dynamically 
> with (for example)
>   set ifaddr
> People with static IP numbers can have their numbers specified in 
> /etc/ppp/ppp.secret - overriding the above line.

ok. noted. 

Currently I'm still fighting with trying to get my modems to do something
useful. I have 16 modems hanging off a 16-port ISA Cyclades interface. The
cyclades is detected on boot, but using 'cu' I still can't get a response from
any modem.

I've got mgetty installed and running, and when it tries to initialize a port
I get an error like this:

09/16 13:18:27 ac0  init chat failed, exiting...: Interrupted system call

Using either /dev/ttycX or /dev/cuacX gives the same errors. Cu spews out
"interrupted system call" messages too, and doesn't respond to much other than
a kill. Minicom can't find a modem to initialize. Other things I get are
"cu: Can't change terminal settings: Inappropriate ioctl for device" using
both the cuac and ttyc version of the same port.

I'm sure the hardware is good, since this is dualbooting a very old version of
slackware (being replaced by OpenBSD) and under linux the system acts as

manpages for cu, minicom, cy, and the mgetty docs offer no useful suggestions.
Any idea what system call is being interrupted (and why) and what I can do to
fix it?

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