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RE: networking

Yep.  I also use kerberos.  (Sure it may [??] have problems, but not as bad
as clear text passwords.)  The encrypted sessions are kinda cute.

> From: "Latalladi, Eric" <ELatall@resmoney.com>
> kerberos!
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> From: alex [mailto:alex@crawfish.suba.com]
> Subject: Re: networking
> > Does anyone know of a site that teaches different network setups in
> > openbsd environments?
> This isn't exactly the same question, but I'd be interested in knowing
> how openbsd security gurus build networks that need NIS-like and
> NFS-like services.  If you assume your network is being sniffed, is
> there any way to implement that kind of functionality securely?  Are
> there secure tools that will tie different *nix os's together
> (solaris, linux, etc.)?  Is there any way to do it so your openbsd
> boxes won't fall if your solaris box gets hacked?