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oBSD ftpd query


Having finally kicked out the ProFTPD server from my system and replaced
it with the standard OpenBSD server, I have a few questions.

First of all, to get "ls" to work, I need a static binary of ls in

All well and good; but what about all my chroot()'ed users? Do I have to
create root-owned ~user/bin directories and stick static ls binaries in
there too?

The reason I say "root-owned" is because I have a server which I don't
wish to have any form of luser executables running. If the ~user/bin
directory is owned by the user, he/she can easily place programs there so
that they are executed by the ftp server (as the user).

(i.e. place a static version of ksh in ~user/bin, then place a shell
script called 'ls' (and other statically linked programs) in ~user/bin,
and ho -- the user may execute this via ftpd's execution of 
'~user/bin/ls -lgA')

Um, just a query.