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Re: xdm question...

Adam K Kirchhoff wrote and mailed:
> For those following my problems with OpenBSD/Alpha and X, I have further
> developments...  I've recompiled the X11 sources from cvs and disabled
> XDM...  The compile went fine and everything runs perfectly...  Everything
> but xdm, that is.  At least now I can start X with startx rather than "startx
> -- -kb".  However, as I mentioned xdm still bombs.  Sometimes it core dumps,
> but not always...  I'm including the output of "xdm -nodaemon -debug 1" since
> I'm sure someone can better interpret than I...  Any help would be
> appreciated.  Thanks.

Over a year ago I had a similar (probably the same) problem with xdm
At that time I recompiled xdm without xdm-authorisation and this 
produced a working xdm. I'm still running this ancient version of xdm
so I dont know if it is  still a valid workaround.

	Janjaap van Velthooven
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