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Re: networking

I'm no security guru, but securing communications between
OpenBSD servers is easily done with IPsec.

No you can use any service between the machines without fear
of sniffers. Besides, IPsec in OpenBSD works very good, and is
kinda fun setting up.

Tony Sarendal

On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, alex wrote:

> > Does anyone know of a site that teaches different network setups in
> > openbsd environments?
> This isn't exactly the same question, but I'd be interested in knowing
> how openbsd security gurus build networks that need NIS-like and
> NFS-like services.  If you assume your network is being sniffed, is
> there any way to implement that kind of functionality securely?  Are
> there secure tools that will tie different *nix os's together
> (solaris, linux, etc.)?  Is there any way to do it so your openbsd
> boxes won't fall if your solaris box gets hacked?