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Re: x, open bsd & SiS

Michael Shutes wrote:
> has anyone gotten x windows running on an obsd system with and SiS video
> display?  i am looking for pointers and tips.
> thanks
> Michael
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OpenBSD v2.4's X server is release 3.3.3 (in 2.5 it's 3.3.4)
Such versions of the x server cannot run on some SiS video chipsets (eg:
SiS 620, which is in my box)
I've visited xfree.org's site and in release 3.3.4 of the x server they
said that some SiS chipsets will (now) be supported, actual release is
3.3.5 and includes stable drivers for it.

Check information in http://www.xfree.org/3.3.5/SiS.html about your
hardware, they've added some "new" SiS drivers since 3.3.4 ...

Good Luck