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Building from CVS

Hi everyone.

I just update my /usr/src tree to the current CVS (as of a few hours
ago). I'm using the .au anoncvs server...

Once I've updated the tree, I run 'make obj', and it fails in lib/libkvm
with an error at line 30, something about a bad comparison. I had a
quick look at the makefile, and I can't see anything wrong (not that I
know much about makefile syntax).

If I use make -k obj, it also fails somewhere else in the tree with the
same error (I don't remember where right now, I can check if it's

Anyway, is this happening because I'm doing something wrong, or some of
my tools are out of date? I haven't found much documentation on what to
do after updating with CVS, and I'm fairly new to all of this.

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