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Re: Support for Adaptec AHA-2940U2

Of course, if you really want high performance, qlogic's card kicks
butt.  I say this as someone who uses adaptec at home (needing lower
performance but adaptec's flexibility with multiple connectors).

QLogics chips are also used by NetApp and SGI (for good reason).

So you know.

(and you'd think that Adaptec would have learned from the linux fiasco
that they got themselves into a while back - they sold lots of BusLogic
(now mylex) cards because of that.)


Quoting John Kerbawy (john@betek.com):
> To who it my concern:
> I am writing in regards to the support for Adaptec's 2940U2 SCSI controller
> card. In a short time, I will be putting together servers requiring the
> performance that this card can provide. I encourage you to provide
> documentation and/or drivers for OpenBSD as it is my operating system of
> choice. I will be forced to look to another manufacturer for a high
> performance SCSI card if it is not supported.