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Re: floppy288, rdroot and /etc/disktab

On Tue, 14 Sep 1999, Wozz wrote:

> So....I'm trying to build a bootable cd.  Perhaps I've missed something, but
> whats the purpose of the floppy288 disktab entry?  It appears that the rdroot
> disktab is used for creating the initial disk image that all the files are
> copied onto.  Is the size of the rdroot disk type fixed?  Can I increase it
> to take advantage of the extra space from the floppy288?  I'm at a loss, 
> since I can find no documentation for any of these processes.  Help!

Since the ramdisk kernel doesn't fit on one 1.44 floppy any more it was
splitted in two different kernels (RAMDISK and RAMDISKB) with some
differences in supported devices. Since CD supports larger "floppy" image
it is possible to have a kernel (RAMDISK_CD) with all drivers fitted to
one floppy. The rdroot ramdisk in each of these kernels are of the same